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Liverpool from Wapping

John Atkinson Grimshaw

Liverpool from Wapping - John Atkinson Grimshaw -

Title:Liverpool from Wapping
Painted by:John Atkinson Grimshaw

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What a truly wonderful artist - breathtaking landscapes. You feel as if you could step into his paintings
John Atkinson Grimshaw
Posted by corinne on 2.July 2010, 07:11

Writing as an ancient Liverpool Master Mariner and would be painter, of all the well known artists to me Grimshaw stands shoulder high above all others. With his single style and medium he stamped his own unique footprint in the artistic art world. Would he have believed at that time his paintings would offer such enjoyment to a world wide audience. In my books he stands top of the totem pole.
John Atkinson Grimshaw
Posted by Jack illiams on 25.March 2011, 05:08

I'm pretty sure this is in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Posted by Andrew on 19.July 2011, 16:50

This picture is in the museum of art in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA . Wish there was a exhibiting of more of his paintings here in the USA .
wonderfull painting
Posted by ziggy on 20.February 2012, 10:44

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